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Women in the Media
This self-assessment has been designed for women possibly seeking employment/self-employment in the media sector and has been designed to test individual competences to determine their “skill level deficit”, and as a consequence what further training and support they may require.

This self-assessment is an important element in the development of your media education as it will determine your existing skill and knowledge levels. It will then guide you to appropriate courses to meet your “competency deficits” as identified.

This is a unique self-diagnostic tool that allows you to evaluate your own competencies and compares your competencies and knowledge against those in your Region. Having a comparator is useful to know as it measures your experience/knowledge compared to others who are looking to enter the industry.

The assessment is one way to support you on your "training journey". For this reason, it is important to be honest when completing the assessment to ensure your results are a true reflection of your abilities.

For those women who wish to move into self-employment there is a complimentary assessment that has been designed to test competences to determine “entrepreneurial skill level deficit”, and identify any further training required. This assessment provides a usable visual competency inventory and a report that allows you to analyse your strengths and weaknesses.

To start your assessment - which uses a star rating of 1 to 5 - answer the following questions to receive a report on the level of your knowledge and experience in each topic area.

In each skill assessment question there is an information icon e.g. i to remind you of the specific definitions of knowledge and experience in the context of this assessment.

Your results will be shown at the end of the self-assessment on a RESULTS page which you are able to print out.

On the RESULTS page you will also find a ‘NEXT STEPS’ button. Clicking on the button will take you to a page which suggests training available to address your skill and competency deficits, identified in the assessment.

• Knowledge is having a recognised qualification, OR having studied, OR read widely OR comprehensively observed this skill in question. In determining the level you feel you are at (on a STAR RATING of 1 to 5) this will indicate what further knowledge you need to acquire.
• Experience is designed to rate oneself as a novice (1 star) or an expert (5 stars).

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