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Trust Leader: Effective Listening Assessment
This assessment is intended to offer the Trust Leader a quick assessment, with supporting discussion material for training and reflection of their listening skills.

Just making an effort to look like a good listener is a psychological boost that assists in capturing the whole message - the attitude, the motivation, and the feelings behind the words.

Communication is much more than talking and waiting to talk.

In our society, listening is essential to the survival and development of the individual, and, since we learn our culture largely through listening, we learn to think by listening, we learn to relate by listening, and we learn about ourselves by listening. Listening is not only physiological but also a process of recognizing, interpreting, and understanding the message being sent. There is a difference between listening to respond and listening to understand. Effective communication is not something that is just acquired, it is a set of practiced skills; skills that can be lost if not practiced and honed on a consistent basis. Effective listening requires care, appreciation, and verification.

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